Apa style unpublished dissertation citation

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Entry and field types in . If you are writing only one or two documents and aren’t planning on writing more on the same subject for a long time, you might not want to waste time creating a database of references you are never going to use. Addison Wesley, Massachusetts, 2nd edition, 1994.

OK, so what is going on here? The first thing to notice is the establishment of the environment. Note however, that the number itself is not the parameter, but the number of digits is.

Next is the actual reference entry itself. To actually cite a given document is very easy. 215″, will show up inside the same brackets. Note the tilde in , which replaces the end-of-sentence spacing with a non-breakable inter-word space. This non-breakable inter-word space is inserted because the end-of-sentence spacing would be too wide, and “p.

Apa style unpublished dissertation citation

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