Educational leadership dissertation proofreader

Michelle became involved in the New York City Public School System nine years ago while completing her undergraduate degree in Childhood and Special Education at New York University. Michelle began her professional career teaching third and fourth grade at the Future Leaders Institute in Harlem.

educational leadership dissertation proofreader

Todd worked as a teacher and youth mentor during his years at Amherst College. Afterwards, he traded bonds for an investment bank in New York, Toronto and Tokyo. He loved the opportunity to travel to many different countries and experience different cultures.

Always drawn to children, Todd worked at Amherst College’s nursery school, and after graduation, he mentored and tutored at I Have A Dream’s Chelsea program. Class Notes Learn what’s happening with your classmates and other BU friends by browsing the current class notes below. He lived in Boston for 50 years, and has lived near Seattle for 40 years. Master of City Planning at BU’s Metropolitan College.

Educational leadership dissertation proofreader

100,000 Century Challenge Scholarship at the University. He once hosted President Jimmy Carter at his home in New Hampshire.

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