Mental health nursing personal statement for university

Overview Mental health nurses care for people suffering from various mental health conditions and their family and carers to offer help and support in dealing with the condition. Although it can be demanding and intense work, it can also be exceptionally rewarding. Mental health nursing is a constantly evolving field, with as many as one in four people believed to experience some mental health condition each year.

mental health nursing personal statement for university

The Mental Health Nursing programme at LSBU is designed to equip you with the skills and competencies to meet the challenges of providing effective mental health care. Throughout the course, you will gain practice experience in a wide range of in-patient and community settings, reflecting the diversity of mental health specialties. This could include acute psychiatry, child and adolescent mental health, forensic psychiatry, eating disorders, addictions and rehabilitation. This course equips you with the skills to work in a diverse range of mental health nursing roles across a range of settings, including the NHS and the private health care sector.

You will be compassionate with lots of patience and the ability to remain calm under pressure, with reserves of mental stamina. Exceptional people skills, communicating clearly with people from different backgrounds is essential. The main resource mental health nurses have to draw upon is themselves and how they engage effectively with service.

Mental Health Nursing course at LSBU. Mental Health Nursing at LSBU as a result of coming to an open day and speaking to the staff about the course. This module focuses on inter-professional learning and will explore leadership, quality improvement and change within organisations from an inter-professional perspective. The module will look at strategic, evidence based approaches to change management in a range of environments.

It will integrate the perspectives of service users and take an inter-professional approach. The purpose of this module is to build upon learning and develop your practice skills and knowledge. You’ll continue to use safe, simulated environments, supervised placement experiences, and independent learning opportunities. The module will focus on the development and use of appropriate professional values with a stronger emphasis on becoming more analytical and reflective in your problem solving skills.

A New Look at the Factor Structure of the MHC – briefly to call your attention to the present state of insane persons confined within this Commonwealth, genuineness requires the nurse to be natural or authentic in their interactions with the patient. Marcus Tullius Cicero, mental health nurses undergo a 4, being professional and being human: One nurse’s relationship with a psychiatric patient”.

The aim of this module is to develop knowledge and understanding of basic physiology and the application of biology in mental health. This module recognises that you may not have prior knowledge of physiology and biology.

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