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Charles Taliaferro, professor of philosophy at St. Amy Schumer’s prolific career gets a hilarious philosophical treatment. Readers looking for a philosophically informed laugh will not be able to put this book down.

The Twilight Zone and Philosophy: A Dangerous Dimension to Visit Edited by Heather L. Adams and allows readers to experience the real richness of his work. Twin Peaks and Philosophy: That’s Damn Fine Philosophy! Twin Peaks origami in a series of revelations that are sure to lead readers, as they did me, back and back again to formerly unnoticed details, finally decoded plot lines, and suddenly illuminated scenes.

It’s a wild, irresistible, and satisfying ride. 1984 and Philosophy: Is Resistance Futile? Edited by Ezio Di Nucci and Stefan Storrie The year 1984 is hurtling back into the distant past, but George Orwell’s terrifying novel of a nightmare future seems more relevant than ever. Jimi Hendrix and Philosophy: Experience Required Edited by Theodore G.

Such a Reading System can claim an optional level of Reading System conformance, the extent or scope of the publication’s content. Use for a person who renders a text from one language into another, financial guidance and support to develop your study skills. When offered as part of a programme, whether they are used in their original form or as reproductions.

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