Personal statements for law school applications

Cornell Law School is the law school of Cornell University, a private Ivy League university located in Ithaca, New York. Cornell Law alumni include business executive and philanthropist Myron Charles Taylor, namesake of the law school building, along with U. Secretaries of State Edmund Muskie and William P.

personal statements for law school applications

According to Cornell Law School’s ABA-required disclosures, 95. The Law Department at Cornell opened in 1887 in Morrill Hall with Judge Douglass Boardman as its first dean. At that time, admission did not require even a high school diploma. In 1917, two years of undergraduate education were required for admission, and in 1924, it became a graduate degree program.

In 1892, the school moved into Boardman Hall, which was constructed specifically for legal instruction. In 1948, Cornell Law School established a program of specialization in international affairs and also started awarding LL. In 1968, the school began to publish the Cornell International Law Journal. In 1991, the school established the Berger International Legal Studies Program.

Personal statements for law school applications

Hughes Hall was renovated in 2017. Banner outside the law school’s Jane M.

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